Our Services

1. We offer multi-fun unique special excellent products .

2. We maintain good creativity and continuous high-quality new push for selection. Offer ODM & OEM service .

3. We provide transshipment, warehousing, integration services for customers in need.

4. We provide customers with other supply chain services that may be required .

Excellent Product

Benifit from years of expeirnce in high quality sex toy field , Most of our own design product are very popular on market , We can keep offering excellent product and recommend .

R & D service

We provide R & D service , Our abundant experience in manufacture and sex toy field can help avoid many mistakes at R & D progress and makes manufacture also benifit .

Mold service

With many years in manufacture , Our mold supplier systerm is very stable and selected , which big chance avoid mistake in mold pregress and can feedback useful information before put mold to avoid risk .

Manufacture service

Our long-term skilled staff guarantee the quality of our products , We also provide manufacture service when clients need .

Warehouse & Tracking

We provide warehouse and tracking service for some oversea customers around ShenZhen .

Supply chain services

We provide other supply chain services that may be required by our customers

Why Choose Us?

Usually, the hidden cost of a project can account for 30-50% of the normal cost. If quality or serious delay problems are encountered, the additional labor, shipping and time cost is even immeasurable .

We are experienced in sex toy field that makes trade more safe & conve-nient and get more answer to face to each kinds of questions on your project .

Then you can focus your time and energy on deal with some more valuable things and work .

In today's volatile international trading environment, the flexible control of production capacity and production line can meet the purchase mode and demand of the vast majority of buyers, and also enable the factory to deploy productivity reasonably and flexibly, thus achieving a virtuous cycle .

We control our factory in a small-medium sized to adjust the production capacity flexibly to meet the flexible and changeable market demand, so that most orders and production can be operated reasonably .